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Church isn’t a Building. It’s a way of Life.

Following Jesus Christ is easy when nothing is at stake.  Sitting in the padded pews or cushy chairs once per week alongside

The Rhythm of Faith

So who's drum are you marching to?  We each have a point in life when all of our beats blend and melt into one solid rhythm.

Have You Built a Faith to Wreck?

Have you ever felt misled, misguided, off track, or tired of struggling to "get faith right"?  Maybe you're working with an

Things Men Think About

Money, Sex, Work, Stuff, Mortality, Legacy, Relationships.  These are the things men think about.  The stories we tell, the

What Is Your Christian Identity?

Every Sunday, millions of people file into buildings, sit in rows, and listen to someone talk about God.  Some of the buildi

Not All Christians Are Judgmental Label Makers

Everything has a label.  We humans are quite the experts when it comes to labeling items in our lives.  As a mass, there ar

Wake Up and Go

The other morning I awoke a few minutes before my alarm clock was set to annoyingly buzz me into a new day.  For a brief few

Vapor Trails

My friend looked at me and said, "It seems like only a week ago that I dropped him off at school, where has the time gone"?

Out of Bounds?

Do we place limits on God?  Have we designed a playing field that only allows Him to exist only in certain areas of our life

Investment Strategy

I'm willing to wager that you've sat through a sermon, teaching, or instruction that goes something like this, "let me see yo