We are heading to the summit of daily Christian life. Come with us!

The LIVE BOLD Basecamp is a discipleship and membership community for Christian men. The gates open on July 21, 2017. Sign up to get on the short list for the invite.

The first membership wave will be limited so we can handle the support and capacity. Second wave will follow later in 2017.

(If we can wrap-up early, we will open early. We'll send a note out to the short-list.)

Equipping Christian men to win at faith, work, and life.

Join us!

Some of the tools and resources you will find at Basecamp

Exclusively designed for Christian guys!

  • Coaching and training built to equip Christian guys who want to win at faith, work, and life
  • Coaching and support for leaders who are ready to set up camp and start a movement
  • Private community forums for Christian guys about daily life, leadership, and purity
  • Specialized coaching area for men who struggle with pornography
  • Q&A community for those hard questions no one else is answering or willing to answer
  • Exclusive Men's Devotions for your private use or group study
  • The never before seen SWAPS tool for Christian men - a game changer

We're heading to the summit, are you with us?

We are finishing the roadmap for the journey ahead...

We listened and we are responding. The LIVE BOLD  experience is under renovation and nearing completion.  While our app steadily delivers daily encouragement, prayer support, and a light mix of quick resources for a group leader - our web experience is heading toward the summit of Christian faith for guys. You want in?

The LIVE BOLD Basecamp  is opening soon.  If you are interested in heading to the summit with us - get on the short list. We'll notify you!

*All of your information is private, never shared, and under lock and key.

We both know you didn't arrive here by accident... maybe it's time to engage? Yeah, we think so too.

We are finishing up the members only community for Christian men. Clearing trails and mapping the journey ahead. Get on the short list and we'll let you know when we open up.

Get in on the 1st wave!